Permaculture message from One School One Planet

Sector39 and partners Permaculture Research Institute of Uganda came together in May this year to form a new association to promote permaculture education in Uganda. Togehter we are also support the One School One Planet initiative to link schools together who want to bring practical permaculture education into their school work and to share idas and learning across a network of schools.

The One School One Planet network has 2 founding members:

  • Llanfyllin High School, in Mid Wales
  • Busoga high school, Kamuli, Uganda

This week we presented to 60 head teachers in the Masaka district inviting mroe schools to join the network and find ays to work with us. We visited St Jude’s Masaka and received a humbling welcome from the 1000 students.


PDC messages to One School One Planet members at Busoga

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