Making compost from waste materials

Abraham, for the PDCUG17 course published these step by step pictures of making compost on the permaculture project in Kenya. He hopes the students at Busoga will be inspired to copy his excellent example. Feeding compost to the fruit trees improves the soil life, opens us the soil to recieve rain water and helps the soil retain moistute. Compost is the secret to building a healthy and strong soil

compost gif

Photo animation of compost making by Omito Abraham Owuor in Homa Bay Kenya

Notice how they mix layers of carbon (brwon matter) with layers of green (nitrogen) whilst adding lots of water to keep it nice and moist. This will make an excellent compost in 5 to 8 weeks. You will know if it is working well if it builds ap a heat of 60 + degrees inside after a few days. You can check by placing yhour hand inside. At 60 degree C it will be too hot to keep you hand inside for more than a few short moments.

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