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Planting the first banana guild at Busoga High School

The Welsh Government has supported permaculture pioneers Sector39 through the HubAfricaCymru programme to support permaculture education in East Africa

Where Welsh,  Ugandan and Kenyan partners are collaborating to develop an exciting programme of activities actively building links between schools in Wales and Africa. The intenion is that by linking environmental, social and climate change work in a  think global, act local inspired project we can create real outcomes and interactions between partners shools.

Project partners are working together  to incorporate the permaculture design pricniples into the core school curriculum and are developng ways to do this.

As part of our recent PDC we ran this practrical at the school with the 25 participants for the course.

Here is a 7 minute video and commentary from our first practical visit to the schol on our two week permaculture course. We designed and planted a banana tree guild at the school, demonstrting water  capture and infiltration, benefical relationships between plants and encouraging the use of cmpost and mulch to maintain high levels of soil carbon. We also demostrated a couple fo eacy techniques fro making biochar for use in such growing systems.

sabina permaculture advert

Advert of the up coming PDC and Convergence at Sabina School, in 2018

Instructions to the students at Busoga!

  • Keep the mulch pit full of organic matter!
  • Keep the soil covered with mulch
  • Try adding different species to the guild if ever any gaps appear and the guild should keep on producing for years!