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Creating a positive change from Uganda to UK to the World!

Head teacher Madam Oliver with Madam Connie and permaculture tutor Mr Steve Jones from Wales UK, meet to plan the launch of permaculture at Busoga High School


Part of the ‘Saving the Planet One School at a Time’ project. which started Llanfyllin, Wales UK

Climate change, Oil depletion, top soil loss and deforestation all have the same causes, humankinds failure to really understand the nature of our living planet. The One School One Planet project seeks to link schools around the world discovering common themes and common ways we can support each other to reduce poverty, soil loss and to create new ways to create food security and incomes and job opportunites for students.

We have the support of the permanent secretary to the Vice President. We met in Kampala in May to discuss our project ambitions

Permaculture is design system that was developed by an Australia forester and ecologist called Bill Mollison. He travelled teh world to meet people from all nations who hade developed techniques to restore degrated lands and learned that by understand the principles of how natural systems work we can find ways to restor abundnace to any part of the land. These ideas could not be more importnat than they are today as the world’s populations continues to grow, the forest shrink the soils become exhausted by acriculture and farming practices based around tillage, artificial fertilisers and pesticides.

The problems of the world are becoming increasingly complex, the solutions remain embarrasingly simple. Bill Mollison

Permaculture Designers Manual

Chapter 10 of the permaculture designers manual covers the humid tropics and is full of ideas of how to work the land here in Uganda in line with natural pricniples, using what we have available to us already

The Sector39/ PRI-UG came to tehschool during the break an dmeasured up the area behind the Kampala house classroom where the school forest garden will be planted.

busoga base map

permaculture design always starts with a plan

This is the base map drawing the team made to begin our design ideas for the Busoga Food Forest. We hope the students will be caring for it as it develops and adding plants and more to make it something they can be proud of.